sábado, 15 de junho de 2024

Where Are You Going, Baby?

What did you want me to do to be "friendly" to me? Go back? You heard it right: FUCK YOU!!!


Yeah, I'm making fun of it, but make no mistake, there is pain. It was again a girl and a bench, and me finding cute what I was seeing. If there was a sign in the story though, that means she was really believing in Him. What went wrong? When? Well, I watched over JK throughout the year of 23 and her body travelled a million miles, but when I looked at her mind, I saw her standing still. She succeeded in making someone love her deeply, with the help of Someone she believed in but also didn't care to seek afterwards, and let them go. And the pain was not caused by my choice, and I believe she's not the one to heal me up now, because she was not being deceived, she really wanted the lie. Am I wrong? Wasn't the shit really happening while the clown here was thinking she was still holding his hand? If she's being tested, she's going to fight for me now, because a new plot twist would depend only on her swearing she wasn't being a poly lady. However, since she wasn't fighting for Him, there is a high probability that that was in fact the source of the confusion my words caused to come out while she heard me talking to myself.

Well, we gave them a good show.

The boys and the girl loved it.