terça-feira, 18 de junho de 2024

A Simple Answer

It's been one week since I've asked the first questions and since probably there are "things" keeping you from thinking fast and helping me find the answers, I'll take that as a, "Yes, I'm a seeker of fake things, not the Answer". Just remember it was you who wanted More from me... I was only being kind. I do that to a few girls, and you happened to be one of them. Were you finding it a wonderful story? It was the Pure calling you In; maybe He thought He could help. You needed only one Word; if you had written 'Whole' in your heart, not only on paper or screen, your ears would certainly have found the Good that makes you a good woman, ready for success. Simple, don't you think? But it seems there was another favorite word in your heart, so my favorite lady somehow forgot to be kind to me. Maybe it's because that other word could only mean to take every "thing" and live for the "moment". You should have decided if you really wanted More or not, so that you could do it right and evict the liar from your house and never let him in again.

Bye, "wife"; I hope you find your "king", and maybe you have already.

Have "fun" in the club, the pool, the shower... every "where" money can take you to.