segunda-feira, 17 de junho de 2024

And I Think To Myself

What a wicked world.

Do you want to know what's the strangest thing? That when you leave it to join the Just and stop existing there, even when it seems someone has noticed your existence, believed in you, he or she has not. But you're not the only one they do that to. Would you leave Him and go back in there to see if they finally acknowledge your existence? Don't be stupid, God and you are not the only victims; actually, people there "live" believing in absolutely no one else but them "selves". Can't you see that's all that "philosophy" you hear there is about? "Believe in yourself, be confident, be proud, you can make it". And do you think if you follow that road and find huge "success", you're going to be noticed by everyone else in the same class of independence? Just lose it and you'll see it was the "thing" you had that their eyes were seeing, that was making them "smile", not you.