quarta-feira, 12 de junho de 2024

Do You Swear?

You must know if that's not a false imagination of mine, it's irreversibly over before it could have begun. Because it would not only be fucking sad, but also deeply manipulative. How can one trust someone who does that, even if the person decides to stay not in darkness, not for a second more? It seems it's not like the guy is asking for any true Love to offer, because when you're sick at the hospital he doesn't send heart emojis, and when you're not "glamourous" there are no hands up to reach the Doctor. But you would be getting what you deserve, since, in this case, you wouldn't be asking for Her either. And then, I could only hope that someday you meet a person who inspires you to change, because I'd already be one who was unable to achieve that.

Am I delusional or this shit is really happening?

If you're going to swear, just be convincing. (remember that email)