quarta-feira, 26 de junho de 2024

El Rey's Mountain

Did you know Alexandra is also Elizabeth? I didn't. I only found out yesterday, after looking for her Wikipedia page to know if, like Shue, she has only been married once. Obviously, it's not the name that makes them be the affectionate kind of woman, it's their personality, but some believe that names can mystically influence the individual's behavior, somehow boost an innate quality. I believe that while studying Leigh and Ali it was easy for them to figure out how to be convincing, since the writer's invention shared commonality with what they could find written in their own characters. I suppose it's always a harder task to do your job well when you have to imagine a path you haven't gone down personally. And it is a philosophical thing, because you're not going to take the serpent's offer to know evil by means of tasting it, right? You'd choose to rely on Wisdom's revelation, that is, unless you'd do any "thing" for cinema and your career.

I believe that if Adam and Eve had chosen the Tree of Life, they would have become capable of imagining all the misery that is in the world. I'm not sure when exactly a person receives the Gift, the Power to imagine and start restoring the Wealth, if it's when the good ground receives the Seed, or only after an experience of immersion in the Spirit. There were moments when I felt deeply depressed and it was hard for me to believe I wasn't fallen, but I wasn't. Probably, the moment you believe, the Connection is fixed and He comes, but you have to believe daily and He doesn't always come, I mean, you don't always feel that pure peace and joy, which is a Chemistry no drug can resemble. But once you feel it, you become like an addict, that's the only Life you want. And then you start searching for the Word, and the Word you know you're always finding a little More everyday, and one day you find yourself having a new experience of Transcendence.

Well, that's how it works for me. If I wasn't this crazy adventurer who believes he can find the Passion, I'd be looking for a woman like them on the same side to surround me with tenderness. Actually, I do look for her and I want what she's got, but I want More, so I want to bring her with me. The kind of "I love you" I want to say and hear is deeper.