sexta-feira, 21 de junho de 2024

I Bleed With A Knife

Hey, stoney, you're not a "christian", right? I was thinking that maybe sometime you and I could go to the little church.

You know there's no pressure. But don't waste your time and get over the Clouds as soon as possible, which for you who can believe is now, because you also know I really care about you. No, people down there just ain't really serious. They wear suits and labcoats to make it look as if they work hard, but they just don't work at all. Sometimes it's a sweater, but there's still no real love of Truth except you remember the Rock that formed you.

I don't have many professional "connections" in Hollywood. Actually, I have none. Maybe Joel has a fake job for this student there... I know how to sweep the floor. I have no restrictions, I work on the 13th as well. So I'm not the kind of guy a girl will look at and say, "Wow! What a networking!". I'm too Autistic. My mind is always in Redwood, I'm never paying attention to the "things" that could make me a little more "interesting".

But I know how to make a girl look rad.

And be if she's willing to come with me.