domingo, 23 de junho de 2024

Oh, God

I used to think I was the only responsible for the synchronicities I experience, since I'm the only hardcore believer in the story. Now I'm sure He receives things other people involved in the signs say and do as prayers. Recently, after publishing that post with the Guns N' Roses song, I found an interview where she told she listened to that band before working with electronic music. She has that Life On Hold song, right? Would I have listened to that song there on the street if I had not embedded her video in my blog? If I had not written that email with the special line for her, would I still have listened to it again out there two months later? Maybe yes, because of that other video I embedded in the same blog. But certainly she's the one who triggered the event at the stationery shop, after publishing those two pictures. And I still think that Indulgence song was the anti-prayer that ruined it All, that linked her to the other dad who wanted her to have every "thing". It's too sad if she in fact did that, because she was really my only one, and the other girls I liked, I liked as friends and sisters.

Now I realize I wasn't the only one with a secret that day, that the girl with sunglasses was keeping something to herself too. She wasn't believing in me because of what she heard from me only, she had a reason to believe that encounter wasn't random. And her mind wasn't the only one I could read. I should have warned the other girl too, "You know these things you imagine when you listen to those songs are really strong and could be powerful in case He is listening to you, don't you?". She triggered that turning around... unless the first lady in my crazy trip is secretly following me and praying even harder, which is unlikely. I would give her a second chance, however maybe He wouldn't, like, "You should have tried to understand what he was trying to do, asking him some questions, when the boy was dumb". But she was very polite, and I understand her, that with those most beautiful eyes and golden hair she'd think I was only another one in the wall. I just wanted to protect her from this wicked world; I hope she's ended up some Where safe, far away from the "club".