domingo, 23 de junho de 2024

Flying In My Shoes

Lilo let her psychedelic hardcore friend slip away. Is she lost forever now? No, she may be indifferent, but she's still ahead of most of them who need to show that they "rock", I mean, at least she'd be something less than mean. Well, at least not openly; maybe when alone she'd allow herself to be malicious? Who knows? Empathy is a good way to fly, since trying to see yourself where someone else is you could be unknowingly moving to Heaven to find yourself. People who don't fit in are seen as strange by the world, but they could be stranger than they can imagine.

Don't you worry, Lilo, Stitch will always love you. But if you wanted his Love the way one day you wanted him to know, you should've heeded his warning. After the madness, he goes back to tenderness. You know, though, it's not to him you'd have to ask for a second chance now.

Talk to her, ask what did she do to make it happen. Actually, what has she done...