terça-feira, 18 de junho de 2024

Right, Trotsky?

I know God doesn't care when the wicked deceives the wicked, since both are choosing the same shit and ignoring Her. No one is perfect, everyone struggles, and He is not some kind of dictator who demands perfection and is ready to expose your flaw to everyone else, saying, "You see? They should be being perfect. If you're not, you'd better be, right now. Because you could be next". He has a problem with malice, manipulation and deception, when it involves His children, against their will, who are not choosing lies. So, if that's your search and you can't be afraid of Nobody, you'd better be "afraid", because He exists and the countdown as well. So don't make a move to get closer to them if you're not willing to seek first to get closer to the Truth. Was I again being protected from a purely wicked person? It's very strange to think that, because I saw a sensible woman there.

I still can't believe it's not a test, rather a revelation that confirms my suspicion. That's what those who are not Abraham's offspring, who are Fearless, do everyday. And it's no big deal, since they're not friends of God and they're not really forsaking any Treasure to have that which is less. What would make it so wrong is that it'd have been practised by someone who was not exactly wicked, who believed and was supported by Him. I spent months thinking why, and I almost sent her a message, "Hey, girl, what did you see there, why are you calling yourself JK?", until I discovered what she had seen. It looked silly, nonetheless at the same Time I knew it could be true, because it was innocent. And then it got serious when I received a new sign. So my question now would be, "Why, girl, why did you do that?". And if she wasn't looking for Truth, what was she doing coming back here?

If it's a punishment, I see many false prophets making their approach, to "comfort" her and tell that "life" will go on and soon a new wind will be blowing for her. But it's not that simple, since to empty, soul-driven fools, any cute boy or girl may look like they're Heavensent. I see another type of killer who wanted to steal my Blazer bursting into "laughter" and saying, "Join the club". She tried and failed, because I always knew what was in her was no Love, and I was no inspiration for her to get Her and change. So, according to her wicked words spoken in secret to her "brothers", the future "priests", I ended up with no "thing" she gave to everybody, the whole world of "men" who came to that place. According to the Good Spell, I ended up somewhere safe, in a Place of real priesthood and brotherhood. So I've still got the Class and can still ask a girl Out to come with me to el Rey.