sábado, 15 de junho de 2024

The Logic

Don't you find "christians" very theatrical in the way they try to show they're seeking el Rey? You must be careful especially at the evangelical environment, because there only apparently you won't find that coldness of the catholic one. You look around and feel there's a foolish competition going on where no one wants to fall behind, where everyone wants to show them "selves" highly "spiritual". They do that using exaggerated language and bodily expressions. That spirit usually comes from up there, the pulpit, from the ones leading the show, whether it's the worship or the preaching. They know when they're going beyond what they really know to impress people, and you can discern it too when you're focused on Character, not reputation. One minute they seem to be talking about the things which are Above, and the next one you are being called to be worldly. Is it balance or instability that? Since true righteousness comes from Her, when people are not wholehearted they find them "selves" worried about fitting into a merely external way of behaving to be seen as just by the other members of that group. It's never really the Law they're following, only rules.

I remember a rave I attended where I couldn't help judging a girl, like, it was definitely not the Music she was getting those "hot" moves from LOL. But at a temple you could see a girl there dressed in modest clothes, doing minimalist movements and swinging softly her body to the music, who inside her head keeps a way darker "desire" than the "party" girl. That pendulum is not really balanced, it goes all the way to the "ends of the earth" and when it returns towards the other Side, she's looking back, so it stops before she can get Out there in a different Time. So there's no other way to break the hypnosis, except buying the Truth. And "christians" are terribly "afraid", as if replacing "all" for Her would be the end of "hope", of their "dreams". And it is indeed, but that's a good thing. Just like the rest of the world, they believe that being obsessed with their own will is the only way to be happy, but it's not. An adventurer knows it is the recipe for a cold, apathetic "life", of suffering and pain. If you're not in the only Way to have Love, how do you expect someone who is to be with you and make you happy? Leaving the Light? That would be leaving the Love.