sexta-feira, 14 de junho de 2024

Hang Tough, Lloyd

To be right for the part, one could be the greatest pretender in the whole world; what he or she cannot be is a pretender when it comes to pleasing the Boss. And that is rare.

Have I loved and supported someone who was faking from the start, playing a different game? Since she is the "queen", maybe it was the "king" she was looking for; maybe it was not in the Court she really wanted to reside, maybe it was Monaco. Maybe she was waiting for me to get there to feel a little more "motivated" and "brave", make up her mind and send me a message to start "hanging" with me. Maybe that was the plan, and she thought I was a clown. I thought she liked it electric, but then she went bananas talking about different places. Too strange.

I'd love to discover that the Car thief was a real punk, that it's not really over, that I'm the one thinking crazy things that don't make any sense. But it's very unlikely that is going to happen.