sábado, 22 de junho de 2024

Think With Me

If reading my words, listening to that song and watching that video, she was unable to explain to me what the crazy synchronicity meant, if she had no clue, that means it was a different test, like, "If you don't say anything, you're going to lose him". What else could I have said to convince her to sell the world and buy the Truth? I don't know. Maybe she couldn't believe the Cobra in me telling her its streets were dangerous, so ignoring the Cobra she also despised Her angel. Maybe she thought she was in control, that she had found someone who was so kind to her, that what he was offering and she was refusing to take would never be withdrawn. Wasn't he a missionary? He was sent by Someone she believed in, though maybe she didn't believe He could be severe.

Whether she knows or doesn't know the meaning, I know her "action" or omission means she loves the world, not Her and me. I think it's very unlikely there was no "action". I'm sure it was fate, just like it was misuse of free will that ruined it. I mean, my "future" was already ruined, hers wasn't. My choice, my action was simple, those magical words: work to get Her. Lloyd was right, because thinking about a person I've found the Cinema that is greater than any career I could've had in the world. I looked at those eyes and this happened to me. To see the mind of the one who stole her Cabriolet standing still was a bad sign. Nonetheless, maybe she was receiving the words of my search, just like the kind line that had made her feel special, right? So I had to go on.

Sadly, the chances are that Ali was not so special to her, that other places where she read not so bright words were comparable, even more desirable than this Place and place. So when she was walking in those woods, what kind of words would she consider profitable, useful to make her progress in Life? Was she really wholly interested in charging her battery with only one type of Energy? I'm not sure. She could be getting excited with this she sees here, however thinking not much about these words to start really desiring Her. Because, yes, to build a house di namaste requires a lot of meditation. And I don't know how much she hates the "club" to be the girl who loves the House and defends her house. Has she ever called the Rock and not the earth her foundation and home?

I was insecure to meet her, thinking it'd be so frustrating if the Explosion didn't happen. What am I talking about? Well, shortly after my experience of extreme good imagination, before knowing about and watching TAB for the first time, I was talking to a girl and she was only listening and staring at me when suddenly the Chemistry hit me, but I managed to control it because there were a lot of people around, and I also held back because I wasn't hearing from her, she wasn't talking at all. Only when it happened I realized she was looking at me "that way", so there was a conflict in me, like, "What if I'm feeling this because of her eyes, I'm imagining she is the girl?". All I could think on my way back home was, "Holy shit, that was crazy intense to be something carnal".

What do you think? If the other person is communicating "desire", could your desire show her the other Side? I'd rather not risk it. I mean, in her case, I probably would not have held back. I guess now it's too late, the Plan has changed LOL.