quinta-feira, 13 de junho de 2024

Vibin' With The Cobra & Me

It was a rather confusing speech to read, and at first I could only think, "What did I say? Don't go". But obviously I would afterwards think more thoroughly and ponder if the reaction was caused by a more "serious" behavior, "What am I doing? What if I'm seeking to keep someone who has never really got In as she should have?". Lack of empathy is always a bad sign. If you have a friend who is aware that a word can be traumatic to you if not explained in what sense it is being used, and he or she ignores that, that means your "friend" probably doesn't care if he or she hurts and loses you, right? And do you think if I didn't care losing her, I would have warned her this could happen? I would have stayed silent, hoping that she remained foolish and asleep.

I didn't know there was another girl en Auto with me. Only when I heard that "Fuck!!!" behind me I realized that, and I was like, "So you're there? I didn't know you too were able to ignore what they say about me and even like me". Will you take the Red Pill to leave the nerdmobile for Good, call my Quadra your Quadra and promise me it's only Love you'll want forever, that you won't ever "love" again? I promise that if you do that, even if we don't end up together, you won't regret your decision. I don't play foolish games, girl; I respect you and would never use you to try to make an idol I never had jealous. If I disclosed that, it was because my intuition was telling me it was very likely that the Plan would change. Why? Because she was taking for granted, as if she had already seen the end of the story and was irreplaceable. Unless she is the Lunar girl from PSN, she had enough time to tell me what she felt for me while watching me play my Game.

What can I say to the guy who thought this was a competition for female flesh? U got her now, the body and the empty soul; celebrate your "success". But don't blame your "self" for what happened, because if she had ever really wanted the Truth and me, you would have failed. Her degree in psychology was not enough to make her a smooth criminal who would come with me and stay with me, end up in a safe Place, wanting Her more than "wealth" and "fame". She had a lot of more important messages to answer than mine, though it's still unknown to me what she had on her mind returning to this land off tour. You were not around, were you? Yes, I'm the one responsible for turning her into a model of a special kind; I thought she was ready to run Out of time, lay Out there in the greater ONE. It was obvious to you I was mistaken, and you still wanted her? I mean, that would be no real challenge, "man", you wouldn't have to change and become a real man to have her.

My friend americana, I know you have seen my secret from the start. Have no "fear" but don't forget to seek Her, because this is what happens when people only "play" and have no true ambition. If she listened before playing, believed in Mind over matter, she would be a real poet dealing in diamonds today. I'm a jew, so my genre is actually psychedelic deep House; I believe she couldn't bear the high levels of Energy for not being used to listening to the Rock and dropped out of School. Has she ever really paid attention? Just make sure you two are totally to get Her, let your house upon the earth be ruined by Reason before it gets ruined by "human" nature. Those stories make you "wealthy", but you could write a beautiful story if he's willing to work on it too.